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Park Records Presents

Park Life 1989 -2012 Park Records

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Maddy Prior - Dives and Lazarus (From the album Seven For Old England PRKCD100.)

Kathryn Tickell – Ian’s Trip to Wales /Anton’s Muneira (From the album Instrumental PRKCD92)

New Celeste – Rosemary (From the album Best PRKCD71)

Katie Doherty – Bridges (From the album of the same name PRKCD96)

Giles Lewin – Playford Set (From the album The Armchair Orienteer PRKCD103)

Moonshee – Fair and Tender Ladies (From the album Moonshee PRKCD114)

Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle – Gypsy Countess (From the album Passe Avant PRKCD46)

Steeleye Span – Gallant Frigate Amphitrite (From the album Cogs, Wheels and Lovers PRKCD106)

Kirsty McGee – Coffee Coloured Strings (From the album Frost PRKCD69)

The Carnival Band – La Danse Caree (From the album Hoi Polloi PRKCD51)

Maddy Prior and The Girls – Cropper Lads (From the album Bib & Tuck PRKCD61)

Rock Salt & Nails – The Patterned Carpet Set (From the album Live & Hazardous PRKCD79)

Moonshee - Bold Riley (From the album Moonshee PRKCD114)

Rose Kemp – Glance (From the album of the same title PRKCD63)

Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band Blakes Cradle Song (From the album Carols Songs & Hymns PRKCD111)


Park Records Proudly Presents

Park Life 1989 - 2012 Park Records

A free copy to be given away with every order placed with Parkrecords this December!!

In an industry where the major labels and artists often attract the majority of attention, it’s worth remembering that it is the countless number of independent companies across the world that continue to drive music forward, providing a home for both new and upcoming acts as well as famous names. Park Records the UK label has become a by-word for quality roots, acoustic and folk music since 1989.

Park celebrates the 23-year anniversary with the release of a special compilation album. The thirteen track collection provides a handy introduction to the label, as well as bringing together some of the most inspired and inspiring artists in British folk and roots music.Of the names involved, many have become legendary over the years. Maddy Prior has been a constant on the label over the years and appears in her variety of guises – as a solo performer, with her project The Girls and as part the band with whom she made her name, Steeleye Span. Jacqui McShee is another famous name from the golden age of folk music, bringing her own Pentangle line-up to Park. Kathryn Tickell comes from a younger generation but has built her own career, one that has taken the traditional music of Northumbria around the world.

Yet Park has always also been concerned with new talent, and the compilation reflects that. Katie Doherty and Kirsty McGee both offer new takes on the female singer songwriter, Rock Salt & Nails bring rousing Celtic rock and Giles Lewin his virtuoso fiddle talent. Looking forward, the album also features the label’s latest act, the exciting Moonshee – a unique fusion of world music and traditional influences.

In many ways, this newest signing is the perfect summation of Park’s philosophy. Looking to the past as well as the future, the label has never stood still while always staying true to its original premise. 1989-2012, the story is look set to run and run.


Park Life will be available for free with every order placed with Park this December!

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Established in 1989, Park Records is widely recognised as one of the most essential roots, folk and acoustic labels in the UK, building a roster that includes Steeleye Span, Maddy Prior, Kathryn Tickell, The Carnival Band as well as up and coming artists such as Katie Doherty and Kirtsy McGee.

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Park Records
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